Credit Types

Duratio is your personal financial advisor
for the following types of loans.

Online Loan

This often smaller online credit is applied for online and approved very quickly. There is no consultation for this type of credit, but the consumers can inform themselves online through our personal loan comparison about the conditions.

Car Loan

A car loan generally reaches a four-digit to an average five-digit level, it is secured via the vehicle registration document. Decisive for the conditions is also whether it is a used car or new car loan.

Small Credit & Consumer Credit

These small loans can finance wishes like a small gift, a necessary acquisition or even a celebration. They are collateralized only via the income of the borrower.

Modernization Loan

For the modernization of houses and apartment there are customized, government-supported loans. However, banks are also granting modernizing loans on favorable terms, which we can arrange for you. Ideal for additions, reconstruction and renovation.

Mortgages & Property Loans

The usually very high mortgage is subject to particular terms and safety measures via the land register. Interest rates can turn out extremely low, whereas the period can extend over decades.

Officials Loans

Particularly favorable conditions are in place for both public servants and employees in public services, which are found in civil servant loans. This loan can be secured via life insurance and can therefore be very significant.

Seniors Loans

Many banks reject senior citizens as a borrower, even if they are considered to be very reliable in financial matters. We are more than happy to help with a custom-tailored senior loan.

Redeem Expensive Overdraft Facility

If the expensive overdraft can no longer be paid, a redeployment to a more favorable rate loan is very often worth it. This does not necessarily have to come from your principal bank. We will happily deliver you an installment loan instead of an overdraft facility at the best possible terms.

Conversion of Debts

Conversion of debt loans summarize previous loans, extend the redemption period and thus reduce the monthly charge. We can provide you this loan summary or credit increase at very favorable interest rates.

Vacation Loan

This credit is usually not exceptionally high, but it is only secured by the salary of the applicant and needs to be repaid in a short time period. This is reflected in the interest rates, which we arrange as low as possible for you.

Relocation & Furniture Loans

Many people who have moved homes often buy new furniture as well, but in most cases both must be financed. Talk to us about the necessary requirements and your personal credit line for your new home.

Swiss Loans

Swiss loans come mostly from Swiss banks, although other foreign banking institutions in the microcredit sector can also provide such loans. For the Swiss loan, no registration or notification is sent to the credit bureau.

If you need more informations, get in touch with our Duratio financial experts.