Duratio creates not only advantages, but also individual personality and necessary security in your financial planning.

Why Duratio can fulfill any needs in financial planning

For you as a borrower there are countless ways to obtain a loan. Banks often focus the core of their activities on the lending business, which is why the financial market is overrun with credit intermediaries. It is therefore not surprising that choosing a specific credit intermediary is a very difficult task. If you want to get an overview of the market and separate the wheat from the chaff, then you have to deal with an almost infinite variety.

You will ask yourself in particular, why you should choose this credit intermediary and whether a direct contact with a bank is more favorable. Duratio will be able to help you with this matter, because we provide persuasive arguments that confirm our choice. Many years of experience as well as our many satisfied customers and partners are just two of the reasons, that distinguishes Duratio from other credit intermediaries.

What advantages does Duratio offer compared to banks

In your search for a good and cheap credit your first impulse -just like many other customers – will be the way to the nearest bank branch. Banks are not your best partner in this case, because they are bound to fixed interest rates and can only provide their own products. In the best case scenario you as a borrower will be able to choose between annuity loans and advance financing.

You are better off starting a bank settlement at Duratio. As a result, you will be able to benefit from numerous advantages, e.g. through the cooperation with our numerous partners:

  • Thanks to numerous partner banks, we always offer favorable interest rates and terms.
  • Due to the pure online transaction, we can guarantee additional interest and term benefits to you.
  • Because of the broad range of services we can find a loan that fits your individual needs perfectly.
  • We take care of all the required steps, from credit intermediation to the conclusion of the contract.
  • We can submit credit inquiries at all partner banks without revealing your personal contact information.
  • We work completely independently of the banks.
  • We carry out a precisely tailored loan research that refers to your personal wishes and conditions.
  • Our professional and competent staff can guide you upon request by phone via our service hotline.

What are the advantages of Duratio compared to credit intermediaries

Have you already chosen to use a credit intermediary for your credit search? In this case you should not just blindly trust the first best provider you come across. Let a professional handle your financial issues. Why should you opt ​​for Duratio in doing so? It is very simple: We provide many benefits that you will not find or rarely find at other financial intermediaries:

  • We work with numerous banks and can thus offer enhanced comparison options.
  • We present a variety of offers, whereby we incorporate different market rates.
  • We do not work on a commission basis.
  • We use many online loans, which can secure you additional interest benefits.
  • We advise you personally so you can receive the optimal matching credit for your situation.

This clearly demonstrates that you should neither blindly rely on a bank, nor do you have to invest countless hours in searching for a reputable credit intermediary. Rely on Duratio – your competent partner in almost every financial matter. Because we know how to fulfill individual customer requirements.